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Our company Social Boosting Agency is a social media marketing company which helps businesses, bloggers, influencers - basically anyone with an instagram to grow their Instagram platform. We specialize in Organic Marketing (real) to grow peoples Instagram and their following. Customer care is our number one concern and dealing with each customer in a nice friendly manner.

 Is this a monthly package? 

You can definitely switch between packages as there are no restrictions and it is not a monthly package. The package will cover the minimum amount of followers and we will market until you gain that amount of followers. To be honest, we want to keep our fingers crossed but we have not received bad feedback from any of our numerous clients. The amount of people we market for is huge, but also we carefully make sure to help each and everyone grow. After finishing your marketing we send you your results and analytics where you gained your followers from. At that point you can checkout again if you want to continue your service with us :)

How do we target?

After you sign up with us,you will provide us a small list of people whose followers you would like to target and are in your niche.We (Social Boosting Agency) use your account to interact with people in your niche. We will target the people who are liking/commenting/following the accounts you provided via following/unfollow method. The users will get a notification that you followed their account and out of curiosity they will check out your Instagram page. We will target similar accounts and this will increase your exposure and gain you followers. Most importantly we will give you time to focus on your business and not worry about your growth! 

 Can you show us clients or brand you have worked with?

We do not disclose information and keep our clients information private but we can refer you to our Case Studies. This includes information about several people we have worked with and helped to grow their brand. If you want to see client results we can provide you growth statistics as well. Just ask :)

 Why do you need my password?

I definitely understand how you feel so let us tell you more. The reason we need the password is to target people in your niche who are similar to your style and because we have to put the profile in the system. We analyze your niche and see which people are in your niche and target them. Any service which promises you real followers without your password is selling you fake bot followers. In addition, we have a secure way for you to submit your password and your account is kept entirely confidential. We keep you secure and safe.

 What makes you different?

Social Boosting Agency is a culture! The reason over 24,400 brands and Influencers have chosen to work with us is because we focus on getting you organic followers that are genuinely interested in your brand. We have a proprietary set of filters that make sure we only engage with real users - none of those spam or fake accounts that end up disappearing after a few weeks.

Plus, our Customer Success team actually responds! You can text us :) or email and we are here to help you 24/7. You can rest easy knowing that you can reach out to someone anytime with questions.

 Do you follow/unfollow, like or leave auto comments?

We utilize the follow/unfollow method. We try and target people specifically in the niche who are bloggers/influencers which have very little of the extra random followers so you get the most out of the marketing. We do not like or comment on your behalf. If this is something you would like we can offer this service as well. 

Our number one priority is to protect your brand’s equity and keep your account secure.

So how do I get started...

 What do I need to get started?

To get started, we would need your Instagram Username, password and a list of target accounts. Target accounts are other Instagram accounts that have followers that you would like to attract back to your page. More often than not, these end up being competitors, complementary brands, influencers in your space, etc.

Remember, we are not following/unfollowing the accounts you give us, but THEIR followers.

If you are ready to proceed please checkout our packages here: 

 Do you offer any sort of free trial?

We have a guarantee that we will market for you until you gain the followers you were promised. The first time we learn your niche and then from there you grow very rapidly.

The people who have had the most success are the ones who have been with us the longest.

The first 7 days we identify your target group. The next 7 days we tweak your marketing and try to narrow down and identify the people who identify with your brand. After this point we have successfully identified your niche and we then focus on targeting new people every week.  

 I am a social media manager with a lot of accounts. Do you have a plan for me?

We work with a TON of Social Media Managers, PR companies,Businesses,Influencers and Digital Agencies.

Contact us and we can discuss your specific needs.

 Can I use your service simultaneously with another one?

In order for us to work at our optimal potential, we recommend not using any other growth services simultaneously. If you have any questions about using other services in conjunction with Social Boosting Agency, just ask your Customer Success Manager.

Alright, I just signed up…

What Happens After I Sign up?

After you signup a customer representative will reach out to you via text within 24 hours or less. They will take 1-3 minutes to set-up your account and have your account ready for amazing growth. We will be in touch throughout the whole onboarding process. Once we are good to go, you can focus on consistently posting high-quality content and we’ll focus on bringing the right people back to your page.

When will I start seeing results?

Give us 24 hours to get your account all set-up, then we will start driving traffic to your page. We start slowly to keep your account secure and slowly increase the marketing settings for you. 

We are a very organic service using only “follows” to attract people back to your page. For this reason, engagement tends to come in waves. Please do not let this discourage you! As we progress, we’ll learn which targets are bringing you in the most followers. That way, moving forward we can adjust your targets to optimize growth.

 Can I cancel anytime?

We don't have monthly plans so there is no need to cancel. The clients who have seen the most success have been the ones who have stayed on with us the longest. The first 2-3 weeks are spent identifying your targets and collecting data. After this time period we are ready to boost your growth :) 

 Is my billing monthly? 

No, the billing is not recurring and you choose whether you want to continue.

 Can you post content for me?

Yes, at this time, we can offer posting content for clients but this will be a customized package.

If you provide us content we can post this and schedule it for you. 

 Will Social Boosting agency solve all my marketing problems or make me insta-famous overnight?

Social Boosting Agency is a tool to help grow your followers organically. We take this tedious task off your plate so you can focus on more important things, like creating high-quality content. We work with a variety of businesses, brands and influencers - some with an established following and some just starting out.

However, our service works best when combined with your own efforts to optimize your Instagram account - such as influencer marketing, running contests, paid ads, etc.